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The Great Ocean (Debris) is an Edutainment VR-Experience about how Climate Change and pollution have an influence on the Oceans and our life and what can and is being done about it.

In the game you follow the water cycle in different levels from e.g. your bathtub to the deep sea and up to the North Pole, immerse and discover interesting real stories, visit remote and fascinating but threatened places and see positive showcases of solutions, get insights with up-to-date visualizations of complex data information and solve quests above and under water playfully while moving freely.

You witness the change to the Oceans and Cities over time by pollution and the growing influence of the causes and consequences of Climate Change like sea level rising, acidification, extreme weather, reduction of flora and fauna and how this is part of our life through e.g. the food chain. Also you learn playfully about the  solutions about what everyone can do about it.

Stunning exclusive 360° documentary footage for special tasks in the game help create the sense of realism and urgency. The project is targeted to museums, aquariums, schools, NGOs, broadcasters and all gamers in visiting remote places like the North Pole. The game is science-backed by e.g. NASA.  

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